A versatile singer/songwriter and composer/lyricist not only in the Gasoline background.

Creating music including writing for other artists -
Styles e.g. AAA, alternative, modern/pop, AC, alt. country, americana, country, folk, dance/electronica, instrumental, pop, punk, R&B, hip-hop, rock/blues, hard rock, metal, singer/songwriter.
And jingles, orchestral
scores, music for TV/Movies, videogames & websites, music to lyrics or v.v. Styles e.g. drama, action, romantic, horror, si-fi, thriller, pop/dance, positive vibes.

THROUGHOUT all these music and living experience his main goal first of all is to create songs which deal with real life and reality in any kind of way. The use of different imageries and living characters in his lyrics are undouptly a big part of his songwriting: The creation of moving, visionary pictures in the listeners eyes with only one voice and one accompanying instrument, but then supported through his guitar technique within a proper arrangement, as well as for his instrumental compositions.

Matthias it is the power of the song that makes the stongest musical statement!